At hv4X4, we speak REAL FAST CARS!

Hv4x4 is your go-to resource when you are looking to purchase fast, sleek, and trendy cars that are affordable. We have thrived in building a reputation for ourselves in the fast car industry as the kings of excellence—a name attributed to us by most of our customers. Now if the people we serve think we are champions when it comes to how we offer our services, we cannot help but agree with them.

The testimonials of our customers have only gone to further the work we put into ensuring that our reputation remains untainted. So we have clearly defined our path by being true to ourselves, and delivering only services hinged on excellence and integrity.

We sell fast cars from various brands, and are major distributors to most of these brands, which affords us the privilege to sell to our customers at prices they may hardly see elsewhere. All our products come with warranty, which is a way of the brands assuring customers of the validity of their products. We on the other hand often reward customers for patronizing us by providing free car servicing for a six months period.

We have professional fast car technicians in our workshops; people who are skilled in fixing fast cars. When you visit our workshop, we will provide you with our full attention. We will even throw in a special Play Ojo bonus to try your luck as a thank you for your patronage and free air fresheners. We also encourage our customers to only use licensed technicians to service, repair or install parts in their cars. Undertaking this measure is one way to extend the life of your car per se.

We have discovered that some of the challenge some cars have are uncalled for; that’s why we invest heavily in making sure that only those who are licensed and experienced in the business of fixing fast cars touch cars presented for servicing or repairs. For us, it is our responsibility to make sure any car that steps into our workshop gets the best of service.

Fast cars are not the conventional cars out there, and require a special type of attention. Its spare parts are not easily sourced as well. So we not only make sure that in servicing cars, the most up-to-date technology is employed, we ensure that repairs are done with only original spare parts. All our mechanics know how strictly we enforce this rule; as compromises on spare parts are not tolerated.

We continually offer services and support long after you have driven your car off our showroom. So there’s absolutely no need to panic on what to afterward, for you can relax knowing that we have your back all the way. Hence, we admonish that if what you truly seek is a company that would not just sell a product and kiss you goodbye, then we are your best bet—you can continually count on our support.